Gunther Celli

Football Freestyle

Gunther Celli

The Italian & European football freestyle champion!

Gunther Celli is the greatest Italian player in the freestyle football discipline in the world. He has won the title of Italian Champion, European Champion, and for the second consecutive year has qualified at Red Bulls World Championship as the third freestyler of the planet. Gunther Celli was born in Brescia on August 7, 1989, since he developed a passion for football at 5 and street soccer that allows him to have a more personal touch with the ball than the classic football, after having passed his teenage years among the camps of his city he decides to undertake the professional career of Football Freestyler by training hard. Thanks to the commitment he has faced every challenge and years of sacrifice, he won his first European title in 2009 until becoming an undisclosed Italian champion in 2010. Since then, many victories have been won and in 2012 won the last Italian championship, thus becoming the representative of Italy at the World Championships and winning the third stage of the podium at the Red Bull 2012 World Championship. Gunther Celli was also a European Champion in 2013 in the eastern European Championship Lubasz and, again in the same year, the Italian champion Red Bull.

Freestyle football consists of acrobatics using a soccer ball and performing acrobatics with the whole body except with hands. The freestylers test themselves by performing movements and technical gestures, called tricks, using specific body parts: head, legs, chest, neck and back. In the last few years, two styles have been developed: the hardcore with technical, power and speed; the creative that favors fantasy, creativity and new ideas. Over time, there have been many varieties of combinations that have led to the need to classify the various tricks, and four subclasses have been created: lower body moves, upper body moves, sitdown moves and ground moves. Gunther Celli is one of the most talented players in the freestyle football world, linked to the official site to get to know him better, watch his shows and much more.